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Get 222% Of Your Vitamin C In Every Serving: With all that's going on you need to boost your immune system more than ever. You can do that with delicious energy and immune-boosting drink. Take it in the morning to supercharge your immune system, take it in the afternoon to supercharge your energy levels. Great before a workout or in lieu of that afternoon coffee.

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Dynamically Updated
After a little over two weeks of use I found that my pain was diminishing.  I was thrilled with my early results. 
Maryanne P
 One scoop in my coffee every morning and I was seeing results the first week.  Couldn't be happier. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Henrietta Oskey
I feel so much better.  And my hair is so strong and silky I wouldn't trade this stuff for the world.  Can't believe it took me this long to try American Super Collagen. 
Nancy Levine
My skin is fuller and smoother, it's really unbelievable.  So happy I have my daughter and my sister on it.  
Jamie Myers
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