New Fat Burning Protein Superfood Available for a Limited Time
Introducing: American Natural Superfood
Our Vegan Friendly Superfood Melts Fat, 
Boosts Energy, And Accelerates Weight Loss
PLUS: Now Includes Our Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend™ For Better Absorption And 208% MORE Weight Loss!
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  • 20 grams of plant-based protein slashes insulin and melts body fat without any extra sweat or hard work
  • Get a daily “megadose” of fat-burning vitamins and minerals without the bad taste of a greens mix OR the excess carbs
  • 23-second healthy meal mix gives you a filling, delicious meal without messy and labor-intensive smoothie recipes
  • Supercharge your energy levels all day with this simple shake mix
  • Repair your leaky gut with healthy probiotics to         speed up weight loss even more
  • 100% FREE from all hormones, antibiotics, gluten, GMOs, soy, dairy, nuts, and shellfish.
  •  Perfect for busy mornings, lunch on the go, or even a tasty and delicious dessert!

Marylinn Noel from Austin lost 18 pounds...

"I want to tell you how much I like your All Natural Superfood. Usually I enjoy it in various types of berry smoothies; it is what I have for breakfast nearly every day. 

Sometimes, when I want something different, I will put a scoop in my oatmeal in place of a sugar substitute.  

Down 18 pounds so far!!"

Debbie Buckingham dropped 15 pounds in 4 weeks...

"I enjoy my American Natural Superfood every morning just as it comes mixed with 16 oz. of water and shaken in the shaker you provided.  It is the best tasting powdered drink I have ever had. The vanilla flavor and the stevia sweetener makes for one heck of a good meal.  
 It controls my hunger AND I have a great meal that is ready fast. Lost 15 pounds in about 4 weeks!"

Mike Bird slashed insulin and watched the pounds just melt away...

"I'm so glad to have this superfood.  I love the taste and use it as a healthy dessert for that sweet tooth.  I've steadily lost weight after replacing my bagel and cereal breakfast with this.

Other mixes all made me feel sick and run down.  This superfood mix is the opposite.  I feel good energy, and it gives my immune system a big boost. I'll order more soon, thanks again."

...and Michele Clow lost a whopping 27 Pounds!

"I'm home alone while my son serves overseas.  

So it's hard for me to cook for myself all the time.  With this I have a healthy meal in about a minute, and it gives me the energy to exercise!  Lost 27 pounds in 6 weeks!

Thanks so much for making this!  Please don't change a thing!"
American Natural Superfood is the Perfect Protein,
Here’s Why:
Our GMO-Free Vegan Protein Is Perfect For Weight Loss Because It Does Not Raise Insulin Or Blood Sugar
American Natural Superfood is made from 100% vegan pea and brown rice protein.

That’s why it does NOT raise insulin or blood sugar. 

Giving you the “weight loss hack” you need to melt away belly fat.

And allowing you to get the protein you need each day to maximize fat burning and accelerate weight loss.(1)
Get The Power Of Healthy Greens
Without The Carbs Or The Bad Taste
Get All The Fat-Burning Vitamins And Minerals Your Body Needs Without The Bad Taste Of Greens
Getting enough vitamins and minerals with many low-carb diets is a big problem.

With paleo and keto diets you’re often only allowed 20 grams of net carbs per day, you can’t eat too many veggies. 

But these leafy greens contain LOTS of micronutrients essential for fat-burning.

That’s why American Natural Superfood includes a powerful greens mix alongside 20 grams of vegan protein in each serving:

American Natural Superfood Mixes Great On Its Own Or In A Shake
So now you can get all the fat-burning vitamins and minerals you need. Without the awful taste or the excess carbs.

And the best part?

American Natural Superfood is naturally sweetened with Stevia.

So there’s no sugar or artificial sweeteners. And NO awful greens taste!

Just a smooth and subtle vanilla flavor you’re sure to love.
Boost Absorption And Burn More Fat With Our Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend™
These Healthy Gut Probiotics Help You Lose More Weight And Keep It Off
  • Probiotics are needed to maintain a healthy immune system
  •  Digestive enzymes boost absorption and uptake of vital ingredients
  •  Replenishing your healthy gut bacteria can make you lose 208% MORE weight(2)
  •  Protein without probiotics can’t be absorbed by the body and simply “passes through”

That’s why each serving of American Natural Superfood now includes our Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend™.

So you can stop flushing your hard-earned cash down the toilet on a cheap protein powder.
Now You Can Get American Natural Superfood 
For Less Than $1.48 Per Meal...
American Natural Superfood Costs Less Than Greasy And Fattening Value Meals Like This
  • Our best price for American Natural Superfood is now just $1.48 per meal
  • This means you can now get a fat-burning, “keto-friendly” meal for less than a fattening dollar-menu meal at your local fast food joint.
  • In fact, if you replace 2 meals per day with a tasty and delicious ASF shake, you’ll SAVE in the end, American Natural Superfood costs you nothing.
Plus If You Order Today, You’ll Also Get These 4 Bonus Gifts
(Valued at $106) Absolutely FREE!
FREE Bonus Gift #1: American Natural Superfood Fat Loss Meal Plan
($27 Value)
First, we’re going to give you a free downloadable copy of the full American Natural Superfood Fat Loss Meal Plan.

Unlike the mainstream diet books that end up in your Goodwill donation box, the ASF Fat Loss Meal Plan is brimming with practical, actionable information that’s backed by all the latest scientific research.

To help you implement the powerful recommendations included within it as fast as possible.
FREE Bonus Gift #2: Healthy Living Association Exercise & Fitness Guide ($27 Value)
Next, you’ll also receive a copy of our fat-burning Exercise & Fitness Guide.

You’ll lose weight and and tighten your waistline just by following the ASF Fat Loss Meal Plan...

But if you’d like to boost your weight loss with a targeted exercise plan that actually burns fat...

(instead of simply jacking up your appetite and “hunger hormones”)

Then you’re sure to love this highly-valuable free gift.
FREE Bonus Gift #3: The American Natural Superfood Recipe Book
($37 Value)
How would you like to enjoy many of your favorite foods and treats and still melt away pounds effortlessly?

Now you can do that with our exclusive recipe book that you won't find anywhere else...

American Natural Superfood is so versatile and delicious that you can replace many of the fat-producing ingredients in yummy foods with ASF and still have a delicious treat while you shed pounds.

The book includes easy recipes for banana bread, 3 different kinds of muffins, brownies, even cookies!

Plus there's an entire drink section that will show you how to make delicious smoothies and shakes that take a few minutes and will power you through your day with a yummy meal in a glass!

This book will put the fun back in weight loss!

FREE Bonus Gift #4: American Natural Superfood Blender Bottle
($15 Value)
Lastly, while our limited supplies last, we’re also going to include an American Natural Superfood Blender Bottle with your order today.

Each Blender Bottle comes with a wire whisk ball. So you can mix and an enjoy a silky smooth and tasty ASF shake anywhere, anytime.

This will cut down the time you need to spend preparing protein-rich meals. Making your new meal plan even MORE convenient to follow.
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Only $59 for a 4 week supply: Add a 2lb bag to any order above and save BIG. This is perfect for anyone trying to shed extra pounds or trying to get their spouse or loved ones to try this fat-melting protein superfood! Just click the box above to add to your order!

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Why People Love 
American Natural Superfood:
  • 100% GMO, gluten, soy, dairy, nut, hormone and shellfish free
  • 20 grams of vegan-friendly protein in every serving
  • Delicious, slightly sweet vanilla flavor with no sugar
  • Prepare a healthy, filling, "keto-friendly" meal in just 23 seconds 
  • Perfect for busy mornings, lunch on the go, or even a delicious and satisfying dessert
  • Now includes our Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend™ for  208% MORE weight loss
  • Melt fat, boost energy, and accelerate weight loss!
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed:
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed, Just email to get your money back any time or cancel your order, even if you've used the entire bottle!
Your Investment Is Backed By Our 1-Year 
“Empty Bag” Satisfaction Guarantee
Your investment in American Natural Superfood is protected by our an industry leading, 1-YEAR 100% “Empty Bag Guarantee”.

Here’s how it works: If you don’t lose your unwanted body fat using American Natural Superfood...and if you don’t agree that it’s the BEST TASTING protein plus greens mix on the planet…

At any time over the next 365 days, for any reason whatsoever (or no reason at all)...

You can get a prompt and, courteous, unconditional refund of your entire investment - even if all you’ve got is an empty bag!

Simply contact our customer support by emailing

Plus, our contact information will be on your receipt. And we’re very easy to get a hold of.

So go ahead and choose your MONEY-SAVING PACKAGE above by how much weight you'd like to lose...

1., 4 Lejeune M. PGM., Westerterp K. R., Adam T. CM, Luscombe-Marsh N. D., Westerterp-Plantenga M. S., (2006) Ghrelin and glucagon-like peptide 1 concentrations, 24-h satiety, and energy and substrate metabolism during a high-protein diet and measured in a respiration chamber. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 83(1), 89-94.
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