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This stuff is awesome
"I’m currently deployed in the Mideast doing 24 hour shifts. 

The Super Reds powder tastes great and gives me energy when I need it most.  I've even lost a few pounds with more energy to exercise.

It's so popular in my unit I have to get a case at a time!" 

Brody H. PFC, US Army
High Quality Ingredients
We only use the best ingredients to ensure the best results
Sugar And Caffeine Free
No caffeine, zero grams of sugar, and just 2 grams of carbs per serving
All-Natural & 
GMO Free
No artificial ingredients or preservatives.  No GMOs, gluten or dairy
Here's What Reds Can Do For You
Millions of People Are Turning To Beets for Improved Energy and Stamina
Studies have found that beetroot makes the muscles more fuel-efficient, thereby enhancing stamina.*

One such study involved men aged from 19 to 38, who cycled on exercise bikes. 

Taking about 16 ounces of beet juice a day enabled them to cycle 16 percent longer without getting exhausted.(3)

Our clients generally find they have more energy for work, hobbies, and family activities, without the sugar or caffeine crash of coffee or energy drinks.

Many of Our Clients Find They Have More Energy For Intimate Times With Loved Ones
Your body converts beets like the ones found in our mix into nitric oxide. 

Nitric oxide increases the width of blood vessels, which improves blood flow while decreasing blood pressure. *

That's why many of our clients prefer to take a shot of delicious American Super Reds when they know they'll be intimate with their partner.
Beets Can Support Healthy Blood Pressure Levels And Has Powerful Antioxidants
Recent studies have shown beet root promotes healthy cholesterol levels.(4)

A study in Iceland also showed it can actually lower blood sugar levels after a meal.(4) 

One recent estimate showed that the oxidation of the body can be blamed for over 200 chronic illnesses and diseases.

Beet root is especially rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which have been shown to reduce the progression of certain conditions and cognitive decline.(1)
Improve Focus, Memory and Mood With Beets!
Two recent clinical studies have shown that beets increase blood flow to the brain. 

 With increased blood flow to your brain you can start enjoying better focus, improved memory, better moods and even learn new skills faster.

A University of Cambridge study even showed that beet juice taken before exercise improved patients' brain scan to what "closely resembles what you see in younger adults."(2)
Most Beet Mixes Taste Like... Beets (Yuck!)
So We Packed This Mix With All This For Great Flavor and Maximum Energy
  • Citrulline For Getting The Most Out of Your Workouts and Increasing Blood Flow
  • Our Proprietary Blend of Organic Berries, Fruits and Vegetables So It Tastes GREAT
  • Ginseng Root for Sex Drive, Lasting Energy, and Relieving Stress
  •  Ashwagandha To Restore Mental Clarity and Boost Energy Levels
  •  Plus Gynostemma To Support Healthy Weight Loss
Plus We Offer The ONLY Lifetime Guarantee In The Industry
Most beet supplement manufacturers and marketers offer you a measly 30 or 60 day guarantee.

Not us.

We offer the best return and refund policy in the industry. 

If it ANY time you're not satisfied with your product, we'll refund 100% of your investment.

Even if you've used all your product.

How's that for a risk-free proposition?

That's how confident we are you'll LOVE American Super Reds.
"I have three kids with one just 6 months old.   Plus I work full time, so I need all the energy I can get.

Super Reds gives me that jolt I need late in the afternoon when I'm tired.  Before I was often getting another coffee around 3pm and it would wake me up, but made me feel shaky and gross.

Now I just throw the Reds in a shaker bottle with some water and ice and I power right through my afternoons and evenings.  It's great before a workout too.

It tastes so good I use it as a mixer with vodka on those really bad days ;)"

Colleen Johnson, Denver
Customer Reviews
Customer: Mike T
So good, setting records on this stuff
I am a 50 plus your old competitive athlete. I have been reading about the beet secret weapon so tried a few products. No results. But this one delivered on what i have been hearing from everyone. Increased energy, stamina and just generally stronger performance. I posted a PR my first time out. I LOVE the taste and I am hooked. More PRs coming!
Customer: Asia
Kick it up a notch!
I bought this item after seeing a lot of pro-obstacle racers using it. I run Spartan obstacle races and train 5-7 time a week. Training may range from a cross fit class to an hour long boot camp, sometimes even a simple 8 mile run. I had reached a plateau for my fitness and found myself frustrated - even going to 2-3 classes or training sessions a day, I was just feeling like I needed to take it to the next level.

Here comes beet elite. I took it on a weekend training day (because previous reviews warn that it can make bathroom trips necessary). I mixed up the powder with 6 oz of water and immediately downed the whole thing. I made sure to take it an hour before my run. I didn't have any intestinal issues, but I usually don't. Ran went really well, felt easier than usual, but I thought it was just placebo effect.
I tried it again on my Thursday cycling class. That class instructor always pushes everyone to their limits. Again I mixed 2 scoops with 6 oz of water and drank it 60 minutes before class was to start. That class I rode 4 miles further than my average, and kept the resistance/gear 2-3 higher than the instructor. It was the first time the instructor complimented my effort and told me "Nice work today". This is unheard of because he does not like to get to chummy with any of us. I was beat to hell after the class, but I felt the effects of having such a tough workout and pushing through with that extra endurance.
Customer: G.D.
5.0 out of 5 stars so good. I'm still walk'n & talk'n
After 50, we can all use this stuff. Reports say it helps beef up our Nitric Oxide (NO) levels. Data appears to verify it.
I'm over 60 and anything that can keep me on the sunnyside of the turf, that's safe & healthy to consume, is OK by me. So far, so good. I'm still walk'n & talk'n.
Customer: Cindy D
Great so far
Ordering and shipping have been a breeze! The taste is great reminds me of cherry limeade. The fine powder makes for easy blending without a gritty taste or feel. I typically drink an hour before my actual work out. I do feel that I have had improvement to my work out endurance. However I believe a bit more time will show an cummlative effect and then maybe I could review how it has worked for me better.
Customer: Rhonda
I've been using this product for a few months. I am really impressed with how it makes me feel. I have tons of energy for running and my recovery time is minimal. I have used similar products in the past, but this is superior. I use about half of what they suggest and add more water. I actually enjoy the taste! I won't run without it!
Customer: Harvey Mendelson
Good for circulation
I had trouble with cold hands and feet.  This helped circulation and it gives you kind of a warm feel, good energy
Customer: Richard Mason
My wife loves this product. She's a schoolteacher and ...
My wife loves this product. She's a schoolteacher and it gets her through the day .!

Customer: Alison W
Great price great product
much cheaper than buying it by the package in the health food stores you get four times as much for a third of the money
Customer: Mrs. C
Mixes up smoothly and easily
This mixes up very smoothly and easily. The flavor is strong, but enough to not be overwhelmed with the beet flavor. Good price for this item compared to others. Comes with a small spoon for easy measuring.
Customer: Devin Johnson
Great natural pre-workout supplement
I am 35, male, daily exerciser (soccer, basketball, cycling, running and weight lifting). I use American Super Reds about 3 times a week, to boost my workout performance (especially on days when I am sleep deprived or don't have the time to eat well before my work out...). I feel strong effects on my performance and my workouts usually last longer, highly recommended  !
Customer: Beth K
Tastes Pretty Good. Some Studies Indicate it Boots Performance.
About the best tasting beet powder out there. I started using it because it was the mix used in a couple of studies exploring the benefits of beet juice. Those studies indicted this boosted athletic performance. My experience has not contradicted that.
Customer: Jim Hathaway
Fine product
Very pleased, gives me a real boost.  Way better than coffee.
Customer: Henrietta Oskey
Relieved my joint pain
Not even sure how it works but man does it. Couldn't be happier. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
*Results May Not Be Typical, Consult Your Doctor
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50% Off Two One-Month Supplies of 
American Natural Super Reds
Includes Beet Root Extract, 23 Fruits and Vegetables, 
No Caffeine, No Sugar
Always FREE Shipping & Handling
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