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how oatmeal and aspirin
are Slowly Destroying Your Digestion
FAT, FOGGY, AND exhausted
Big Food and Big Pharma could be sabotaging your digestion – here’s how to repair it now
Millions of Americans are experiencing:
  •  Sudden or prolonged weight gain
  •  Brain fog, lack of concentration, or poor memory
  •  Bloating, indigestion, or food allergies
  •  Low energy levels
  •  Anxiety or depression
Maybe you've experienced this.

You've probably blamed yourself for it too.

But as I'll show you now, it's not your fault.

You've been lied to about what to eat for decades.
I’ll Show You How The Government-Recommended Diet And Big Pharma’s Drugs 
May Actually Be The Cause Of, Not the Solution To, Many Of Our Health Problems
First, Let Me Introduce Myself
Dr. Michele Burklund
Hi, I’m Dr. Michele Burklund, and I’m not your typical doctor. 

 Unlike most doctors, I didn’t decide I was going to be a doctor when I was little girl, and then dedicate my life and education to medicine.

I guess you could say medicine CHOSE ME.

When I was just 20 years old and pursuing a degree in business, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. 

I became his primary caretaker and health coordinator.
After 3 months utilizing conventional medicine and following the standard of care for a brain cancer patient, the doctors told us there was nothing else they could do and to make arrangements for hospice.
Of course, I was completely heartbroken. 

My dad was my rock, my hero, my best friend. 

How could this be the end?

Well, it wasn't.  Not by a long shot.

My dad and I realized that just using standard treatments were a death sentence.
Michele had an unconventional path to the medical field
From that point forward I buried myself in the books and researched all natural treatments that could possibly benefit brain health, stop tumor growth, decrease inflammation, decrease seizure activity, and repair radiation damage.
My father is still alive today over 16 years after his diagnosis and I attribute much of that to the healing power of nature. 

Natural solutions were able to support his body through many different treatments and clinical trials.

I strongly believe that there are so many naturopathic treatments that can be applied to patients for a massive list of health problems.

And I have dedicated my practice and my life to helping these wonderful people.

After my dad got better…I realized this is my calling.

And I also realized..
Western Medicine Doesn’t Truly Understand 
So Many of the Health Problems We Have
My experience with my dad made me realize: the medical system was broken. 

The current medical model focuses on the parts rather than the whole person.

It focuses on the symptoms rather than the root cause, and disregards the powerful healing potential of nature. 

Many medical schools remain closed-minded, stubborn, and unwilling to admit their own limitations rather than using an integrative model of both conventional and natural treatments to heal each patient.

Yes, there are cases were western medical practices are absolutely necessary.

But they are missing such a huge piece of the health puzzle.

And that missing piece is one thing we can all agree has a huge impact on our health: nutrition.
A recent study showed that only 30% of medical schools required nutrition training – which we now know is the single biggest factor in determining your overall health!(1)
And in those schools, medical students only received on average of 24 hours of nutrition training.

Compare that to their total medical training that can go well over 20,000 hours!

They focus on treating diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and ignore the primary cause of these diseases: our diet.

How can the medical community place so much emphasis on our health and not even spend 0.1% of their time on what and how we eat?
Next time you visit your doctor, ask them how much they know about nutrition and diet.
As obesity specialist Dr. Jason Fung, MD says “If your car is leaking oil, the solution is not to buy more oil and mops to clean the spilled oil. The logical solution is to find the leak and fix it.
As a medical profession, we are guilty of blindly ignoring the leak.” (2)

It’s infuriating, and our health is suffering because of it.
I Began My Practice Trying to Get The Root Cause of My Patients’ Health Issues
The conventional medical model is primarily concerned with one thing: treating symptoms with prescription medications, surgery, and tests upon tests.

Have you noticed this?

They weren't concerned with WHY we are constipated or experiencing weight gain; only what medication will clear it up quickly, so they can move onto the next patient.

None of them had ever asked us what we're eating, if 
we are stressed out or depressed, or if we have food allergies. 

And that’s not really their fault. 

The American medical system is set up to do two things: churn and burn.
My focus on addressing the root cause of their issues and actually listening to them is one reason I have a 5 star rating on
Bring people in like cattle, medicate them, and see them again in a few months to renew the prescription.

Insurance companies and politicians control our medical system, not the people that actually provide the care.

In fact, many insurance giants actually punish doctors for giving diet and nutritional advice by not reimbursing them for that type of counseling.

But not at my clinic. 

PATIENTS are in charge.

And that's why I've been able to help over 827 people just like you overcome their health problems and live long, happy lives.

 I work with them hand in hand to get to the root cause of their issues and I've helped hundreds of them :
  •  Lose weight without dangerous diets or ridiculous exercises
  •  Uncover and overcome digestive problems and food allergies
  •  Relieve chronic pain and disease 
  •  Even regain their memory, concentration and good mood
And most importantly improve their general health so they felt younger, more vibrant, and were able to live their ultimate life without the pain and discomfort they had gotten used to.

And in my thousands of hours of working with all of these of patients, I kept coming across the same problems.
I realized…
Our Health Has Been Wrecked By whole grains and Modern Medications
I lost count of how many patients came to me complaining of:
  •  Low energy
  •  Weight gain
  •  Brain fog
  •  Digestive problems
  •  Food Allergies
  •  Chronic sickness
  •  Even depression and anxiety
  •  Skin issues like eczema
It happened with nearly every patient. 
Despite all our efforts, we seem to be getting sicker - why?
And thanks to recent scientific research, and my own experience in the clinic, we know all those problems can be traced to two things:
Our Diet

Our Medications
Those two things are wrecking one of the most important (many people believe THE MOST important) functions of the human body:
The Digestive System
Hippocrates, known as the Father of Medicine, knew this thousands of years ago when he said "all disease begins in the gut".

The digestive system is the ‘front door’ to the house that is our body.

And the stuff we’re letting into this house is probably making us fatter and sicker.
shocker: The government's Health Guidelines Could Be ruining your digestion 
And Even Killing You
I'm going to show you that most of your health issues are likely not your fault.

In fact, the very thing we've based our food choices on for the past few decades was borne of a corrupt and broken system.

You’ve seen the food guidelines that the government says every American should follow, right?

It used to be a food pyramid, now it's a plate but...

The recommendations really haven't changed much in the last 25 years.  

That should tell you something - with all we've learned about health and nutrition over the last 25 years, how are our dietary guidelines not changing.
What you probably didn’t know is that in making these guidelines the USDA used food and chemical industry lobbyists and insiders to create a diet that is likely making us fat, sick, and is increasing death rates.
Did you know that the original food guidelines were NOT created by the Food and Drug Administration like most people believe?

It was created by the US Department of Agriculture, which was run by Edward Madigan at the time.

Before he took over the USDA, Madigan was a Congressman from Illinois and took massive campaign donations from corn and wheat lobbyists to get elected to Congress.(3)

Madigan took recommendations from a team of nutritionists on what the American diet should look like – and then completely changed those recommendations to appease his campaign donors.
Millions of American believe this is the healthiest way to eat. And if you think no one actually follows these guidelines, consider that every government meal program, from school lunches to meals provided to our military, are REQUIRED to follow them!
The committee recommended 6-11 servings of fruits and vegetables, and just 3-4 servings of grains.

Madigan himself switched those recommendations so that we thought we needed 6-11 servings of grains, in order to keep the grain lobbyists happy.

He did NOT do it based on any of this nutrition committee’s recommendations! 

And these recommendations survive today.  

In fact, grains are recommended as highly as vegetables, despite there being almost no evidence that grains are actually good for you. 

In fact the dietitians, nutritionists and doctors that helped formulate the REAL recommendations were horrified at the final dietary guidelines - and we still use it to this day.(63)

In order to follow what the grain industry's minimum recommendations you’d have to eat:
  •  Cereal for breakfast with toast (that’s two servings)
  •  Sandwich with two slices of bread and potato for lunch (there’s two more servings)
  •  Pasta for dinner with a side of bread (two more servings)
That's the minimum!

For decades we’ve believed this was the basis of a healthy diet.

I wouldn't blame you if you thought by following this diet, you'd live a long, vibrant life.
Is is NOT in fact ‘healthy’, and is probably the source of much the disease and sickness we are experiencing today because…
A Diet Heavy in whole grain and carbohydrates
could Lead to An Early Death
Obesity rates took off right around the time that the government encouraged people to eat more grains - coincidence?
It should come as no surprise that since these food guidelines were published, obesity and diabetes have skyrocketed in the US.

The first food guide was released in 1992.

Is it pure coincidence then that's exactly the time when we started getting fatter and sicker?

The early 90’s was also about the time when the cholesterol scare hit America and every doctor started prescribing a high-carb, whole-grain, low-fat diet.  
This diet was specifically recommended to prevent heart disease.
So how has that turned out?
  •  Heart disease is STILL the #1 cause of death in the US, accounting for 1 in 4 deaths (wasn’t this diet supposed to ‘cure’ that?)(4)
  •  Now almost 40% of Americans are considered obese, compared to 14% before this diet was considered ‘healthy’ (is being obese ‘healthy’ by any measure?) (4)
  •  The percentage of Americans suffering from diabetes has doubled! (4)
  •  US mortality rates are actually INCREASING for the first time in our history (especially for men and women over age 50) (4)
  •  Millions of Americans are suffering from weight gain, food allergies, digestive issues, brain fog, depression and low energy than ever before (7) 

In fact a recent study published by the British Cardiovascular Society recently said:

“Our data provide a strong argument that the increase in the consumption of refined carbohydrates was the causative dietary factor for the diabetes and obesity epidemic in the USA.” (5)

It’s pretty ironic that the British had to point out our health care failings.

And all because our own diet is built on a lie, made to appease politicians and corporate interests.

And we now know this diet has a direct impact on that critical part of our health: digestion & gut biology.

Which brings me to the fact that...
Whole Grains ARE The Leading cause 
OF 'leaky Gut'
If you’re following the typical American diet you are probably sabotaging your digestive system – and therefore dozens of other functions in your body.
This is because we now know that whole grains are a leading cause of leaky gut.(6)

A recent study published in the journal Nutrients found "daily consumption of wheat products, oats and other related cereal grains could contribute to the manifestation of intestinal permeability (leaky gut), chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases." (6)
So, what is leaky gut?
First you have to understand how your gut works.

The intestines are like a tube that circle around your lower abdomen.

In fact if you pull them out they’d be almost 30 feet long.

And if you cut them open and stretched them completely out they’d almost cover a basketball court.
As food passes through, the good bacteria and enzymes in your body break that food down.

Nutrients and minerals your body needs are passed through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream.

Toxins, bad bacteria and contaminants are supposed to be kept inside the intestine and passed through the bowel where they then excreted when your gut is healthy.

But whole grains and refined carbohydrates have been shown to act like a knife on this intestinal lining, punching holes in it and allowing toxins and bad bacteria to run rampant through your body.(6)
Leaky gut means your intestinal wall becomes 'leaky' allowing bad bacteria and toxins to enter the bloodstream
Even worse, there's little evidence that whole grains are actually good for us.

As Dr. Loren Cordain, expert on paleolithic lifestyles at Colorado State University explains:

"There's no human requirement for grains. Humans didn't begin consuming them until about 12,000 years ago, which is a nanosecond in evolutionary time. You can get by just fine and meet every single nutrient requirement that humans have without eating grains. And grains are absolutely poor sources of vitamins, fiber and minerals compared to fruits and vegetables and meat and fish."

The evidence shows whole grains leads to widespread inflammation as bad bacteria enters the blood stream.

And, as you probably know, inflammation drives much of the daily health problems we experience today...
Leaky Gut Can Lead to 
Widespread Inflammation
As toxins and bad bacteria enter the blood stream your body then kicks immune responses to battle them.
These immune responses lead to inflammation.

Inflammation is a very natural response.

Inflammation is basically a response saying ‘something is bad here, let’s fix it’.

The body sends white blood cells and protective enzymes whose purpose is to battle foreign bodies and bad actors in the body.

Unfortunately, these cells are so powerful they can not only attack the foreign bodies but the body itself.

This is called an autoimmune response, and there a dozens of diseases and problems associated with it.

This inflammation leads to many other symptoms that can affect our ability to live happy healthy lives.

If you’ve ever experienced:
  •  Rapid weight gain, especially around the belly
  •  Sudden food allergies and intolerances
  •  Bloating, heart burn, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation 
  • Low energy 
  •  Brain fog 
  •  Depression and anxiety  
  •  Skin inflammation, blotches, and eczema
These symptoms could be caused by leaky gut.

So to summarize:
  •  Whole grains puncture the intestinal lining.
  •  Toxins flood the blood stream. 
  •  The body fights back, causing inflammation.
  •  Inflammation can lead to autoimmune responses, which means the body is fighting itself. 
  •  Inflammation leads to dozens of different side effects, including weight gain, low energy, and brain fog. 
revealed: the most complete nutrition study ever conducted shows grains and wheat can cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes
The China Study is the most comprehensive nutrition study ever conducted. 

 It was conducted by Oxford University and studied 6500 people over 20 years and tracked all manner of dietary and nutritional variables.

The Chinese people that were studied had a wide variation in their diets, from vegan/vegetarian to nearly all-meat diets.  

It gained massive notoriety because it (at first glance) showed strong evidence that a high fat diet would lead to higher rates of deadly disease.

But what was buried in the data, that authors chose not to publicize, was that while fatty foods had slight to very small correlations to death and disease - WHEAT FLOUR consumption had far and away the highest correlation to death and disease.

Stunning, right?

"Wheat flour consumption has astronomical correlations to cervical cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Moreso than fatty foods and cholesterol-inducing foods."

So why haven't we heard about this?

Perhaps because Dr. Campbell, who led the study, is a vegan and promotes a plant-based diet at every opportunity.

It made for a much better story to vilify meat as opposed to wheat.

But the data speaks for itself, when wheat consumption rises so does disease.(65)
But this attack on your digestive system doesn't just affect your digestion!

It can also affect your mental functions because...
studies Now show Your Gut Is The 
‘Second Brain’ Of Your Body
You’re probably thinking, “Ok this all makes sense for weight gain, digestion, and energy.”
“But what does any of this have to do with my brain fog, lack of focus, and the anxiety and depression I feel?”

It turns out scientists have recently discovered the gut-brain axis.

Our central nervous system in our brain is has a direct, non-stop communication line directly to the gut through the Vagus nerve.

I have spent a lot of time on this 'mind-gut connection' and given talks on it many times
This nerve is one of the largest and most important nerves in the body.

It connects the digestive system to the hypothalamus, which controls more functions in your body than I have to space to list.

The important ones include: hormone response, fear response, hunger and nervous system stimulation.

And your gut has a direct impact on this part of your brain.

Want proof?
this connection is so strong that mental health professionals are now prescribing diet changes
Now researchers are finding proof that this mind-gut connection is real.

A recent study shows that people who suffer from mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD, have specific digestive bacteria types in common.(9)

That means that often times the only common trait depressed people have is the biology of their digestive tract.
"The evidence for probiotics alleviating 
depressive symptoms is compelling."
Many psychotherapists are so convinced that the gut-brain axis is real that they are recommending dietary and digestive supplements for their depressed patients.
And these changes to diet and supplementation are working.

A recent Harvard Health article that summarized 10 different studies on dietary supplements in depression therapy stated:

"Intestinal bacteria may play a role in neuropsychiatric conditions such as anxiety or depression.

The majority of the studies found positive results on all measures of depressive symptoms with use of probiotics.

The evidence for probiotics alleviating depressive symptoms is compelling."(7)
We Can ACtually Feel  This Mind-Gut 
Connection Almost Every Day
Scientists are just now proving what you and I already know to be true: your gut is constantly expressing your emotional state.  
We usually feel anxiety and nervousness
 in our stomach - 
have you ever wondered why?
Even positive feelings are felt in the gut, 
usually in the form of butterflies
Have you ever been nervous or anxious about a job interview or waiting for a call back from your doctor about some tests results?

What is the often the #1 thing that happens to your body when you feel like this?

Do you feel sick to your stomach? Do you feel a ‘knot’ in your tummy?

Or how about the first time you kissed someone, or fell in love?  

That caused an intense hormone response which you felt it in your gut in the form of 'butterflies'.

Ever been depressed and had to ‘eat your feelings’ by having a big meal with comfort food?

This was likely by hormone response in the hypothalamus, which then led to intense cravings.

Ever been sad and had NO appetite? 

That’s your brain and gut working in tandem again!

Ever had a huge decision to make and ‘went with your gut’? 

That’s your second brain kicking in on a critical decision.   

Pretty crazy, right?  

Our gut and our brains are constantly talking to each other, and it's clear that having one of balance can affect the other.

But it’s not just our diet that is destroying our mental and physical health…
Two of the Most Common Drugs in The World Can damage The Natural Biology In Your Gut
When’s the last time you went to the doctor for a common sickness like a cold or the flu?
Probably not that long ago.

Most Americans visit the doctor at least twice a year when they’re sick.

And much of the time those patients walk away with antibiotics.

In fact 154 MILLION antibiotics prescriptions were written last year alone, most of those in the United States.
These common drugs can wreak havoc on your gut. (10)
Are you putting a bomb in your stomach?
And according the Centers for Disease Control, up to 1/3 of them were completely unnecessary.(8)

Antibiotics are one of the most common prescriptions on the planet.

They often knock out a bacterial infection in a few days, which for some people can be a life saver.

But what we don’t realize is that they’re not a laser guided missile, taking out only the bad bacteria.

They are more like a nuclear bomb, designed to destroy ALL bacteria in your gut.

And for most people, their gut biology never recovers.  

Remember, the Standard American Diet is puncturing the gut lining and introducing bad bacteria and toxins into the body. 

And now we know that one of the most common medications on the planet is decimating our gut bacteria, which act as a last line of defense against the toxic invaders from your diet.

So people following this diet AND taking antibiotics even occasionally are wreaking havoc on their digestion.

Add in antibacterial soaps and washes for our hands and food, and we’re absolutely destroying the normal bacterial processes in our bodies.

And that’s not all…
The Most Common Painkillers In The World 
Can Cause Leaky Gut
These common painkillers can cause leaky gut.
It turns out the world’s most common pain killers (called NSAIDS and include ibuprofen, aspirin, and many prescription pain killers) have been shown to cause leaky gut.(10) 

One review of the scientific studies states: 

"Virtually all studies agree that all conventional NSAIDs increase intestinal permeability (leaky gut) in the human within 24 h of ingestion and that this is equally evident when they are taken long term."
These pain killers enter the intestine and puncture through the gut lining much like whole grains do.

So our medications are both destroying the good bacteria in our guts AND punching holes in the gut lining and letting toxins into our bloodstream.

It’s a two headed monster.

So, if the common American diet and Western Medications are contributing to the problem, what’s the answer?

How can we stay healthy for longer and still enjoy our lives?

The answer is easier than you think…
Just Like a Good Multi-Vitamin, Nearly
Everyone Should Be Taking a Good Probiotic 
It is in fact, pretty easy to reverse these horrible side effects of our current diet and medical practices.
You just have to do two things:
  •  Stop eating a high sugar, high carbohydrate, high grain diet and replace those things with vegetables and organic proteins
  •  Start repairing your gut biology with a high-quality probiotic 
That first item may seem hard for many, but tens of thousands of people are doing it every day and reaping the benefits.
The second part is much easier, and in fact can make eating and digesting carbohydrates and the foods we love much easier.

But only IF you take the RIGHT probiotic.

That’s why, after years of clinical experience and treating hundreds of patients, I came up with this:
Introducing Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™
It took me years of experimenting with patients and tracking their results to find the exact right blend to start to repair your gut biology.

I tested dozens of off-the-shelf formulas trying to get the best results.
I wanted my patients to:
  •  Get rid of their painful and dangerous digestive issues like leaky gut, food allergies, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea
  •  Regain their mental sharpness, get back their focus, and say goodbye to mental fog  
  •  Start to lose weight easier and keep the weight off thanks to the digestive powers of probiotics! 
  •  Get back the energy they had in their youth now that their but can properly process the energy they get from their food!  
  •  Stop getting sick so often with a revitalized immune system thanks to probiotics!
  •  Get healthy, vibrant skin without splotches, inflammation and eczema
  •  And even relieve anxiety and depression which are driven by the ‘second brain’ - our digestion! 
Here’s how this one simple formula can do all that, Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™.
Now before you say “I already take a probiotic” let me say one thing.

I can almost guarantee you ARE NOT taking all the probiotics in my formula.

If I could have found this formula on the shelf I would have simply started giving to my patients and you would probably never know my name.

But the fact is 99.9% of probiotics formulas are missing the most valuable strains that you need the most.

There are MILLIONS of different bacterial strains in your gut right now.

And to restore your gut biome and finally help you reach health goals, you need some very specific strains.

There's even a probiotic that can help your skin look younger...

So please let me show you how we’re going to rebuild, restore, and revitalize your ‘house’…
this is how you can repair your digestive system And REduce Leaky Gut 
after the ravages of diet and medications
Think of your gut like a house.  
These are the 'contractors' that are going to repair and rebuild it...
Think of your digestive system like a house...

Our digestive system has hundreds of different functions that all have to work together to make a happy, healthy ‘house’.
And the probiotics in Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™ have very specific impact on these functions.

So follow along as I introduce you to your new ‘team’, that is going to rebuild, repair and revitalize the ‘home’ in your gut.
The General Contractor: 
Lactobacillus helveticus 
This incredible little probiotic does so much for your gut I’ve dubbed it the ‘general contractor’. 
It’s truly the jack of all trades in the probiotic world, and can help rebuild a healthy digestive system.

The list of things it helps could fill a book.

Here’s just a couple of the things ‘helvy’ can do:
  •  Supports overall digestive health and helps heal leaky gut (11)
  •  Can decrease blood pressure (12) 
  •  Can improve anxiety and depression symptoms (13)  
  •  Can improve sleep (14) 
  •  Has been shown to shorten respiratory illnesses (15) 
  •  Supports calcium absorption and bone health (16) 
  •  Can treat digestive infections (17) 
  •  Has been shown to improve learning and memory (18) 
  •  Has been shown to reduce yeast infections (19) 
And that’s just scratching the surface of what the science on what your new ‘general contractor’ can do for you…
But to really heal the gut, we need to get rid of all the bad stuff…
The Excavator: 
Lactobacillus gasseri 
If you’re looking for the world’s most complete food, look no further than human breast milk.
It provides every single nutrient we need during the most vulnerable days of our life - right after we're born.

And breast milk is loaded with lactobacillus gasseri.

That’s because as we become exposed to the outside world, our body has to constantly battle invading bacteria.
And ‘gassy’, as I like to call it, eats up these bad bacteria and spits them out. 

It has also been shown to do the same for fat cells in the body.

All this bad stuff is then excreted when you go to the bathroom.

Plus it has been shown do all this:
  •  One study showed this probiotic reduced hip and waist size by 2.6% over 12 weeks, with no other changes in diet or exercise! (20)
  •  It has been shown to reduce cholesterol (21)
  •  Can prevent fat accumulation in the body by allowing the body to excrete it through the bowels (22) 
  •  Can reduce blood glucose levels (23)  
  •  Can boost the immune system by increasing the amount of T cells in the blood stream (24) 
  •  Can reduce inflammation associated with leaky gut (25)
  •  Shown to reduce candida, an overgrowth of yeast in digestive tract (26)
  •  Also has been shown to prevent common nasal allergies associated with pollens (27)
  • Has been shown to improve energy and elevate mood (28)
The Roofer: 
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Your ‘house’ wouldn’t be much of a house without a roof, right?  
Imagine watching TV in your living room during the next hail storm without a solid, weatherproof roof.

It’s there to protect you from the elements.

That’s see exactly what ‘rhamy’ does, and has been shown to all this:
  •  Helps protect the liver (29)
  •  Can prevent diarrhea (30)
  •  Has been shown to reverse insulin resistance, a leading cause of obesity (31)
  •  Can prevent mouth bacteria from degrading your teeth (32) 
  •  Shown to boost the immune system and reduces the need for antibiotics (33)
  •  Helps fight respiratory infections (34)
  •  Has been shown to reduce inflammation (35)
  •  Also been shown to improves skin while adult combatting acne (36)
The Repairman: 
Lactobacillus casei
While many probiotics help build and protect your gut and body, Lactobacillus casei actually helps repair it.
Just like a well-built house, even the healthiest guts need repair from time to time.

And that’s exactly what ‘cassy’ can do for you:
  •  Can drastically reduce inflammation in the gut (37)
  •  Can repair the gut lining commonly associated with ‘leaky gut’ (38) 
  •  Can also repair the digestive tract after damage from aspirin and painkillers (39) 
  •  Shown to help the body battle toxins (40)
Plus it helps regulate mood, relieves diarrhea, constipation, and so much more!
The Carpenter: 
Lactobacillus plantarum
Your can’t build a house without a carpenter right?
That’s why this do-it-all probiotic is so essential too.

Here is the short list of what ‘planty’ does for you:
  •  Can support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and arteries (41) 
  •  Helps boosts energy (42)
  •  Can reduce body fat (43)
  •  Can help heal wounds (44)
  •  Can help hydrate the skin, heal wounds, and slows the degrading of collagen – which creates wrinkles! (45) 
  •  Can alleviate skin inflammation (46) 
  •  Helps protect against viruses (47) 
That’s just scratching the surface!
The Painter: 
Bifidobacterium breve
It turns out your gut health also affects your skin health.   

Toxins that enter the bloodstream through the gut can create blemishes and skin inflammation.

That’s why this amazing little probiotic can help you look AND feel great.

Check out what breve can do for you:
  •   Can increase skin hydration and clearness, smooth wrinkles, and clear up eczema (48)
  •  Can reduce sun damage (49)
  •  Can reduce fat mass in the body (50)
  •  Can help support healthy insulin levels (51)
  •   Supports healthy emotional state (52)
The Electrician: 
Bifidobacterium longum
You learned earlier that your body has ‘wires’ (nerves actually) that connect the brain and gut.
These nerves communicate what is going on in the gut directly to the brain, and affect our mood, concentration, and behavior.

So every probiotic blend should include ‘the electrician’ to make sure that connection is running smoothly!

Here’s what longum can do for you:
  •  Can improve cognitive function and memory (53)
  •  Can help alleviate anxiety (54)
  •  Can help combat depression (55) 
  •  Can help improve symptoms of postpartum depression (56)
The Plumber: 
Bacillus subtilis
Good ol’ subtilis really gets the job done when it comes to getting the good stuff to stay IN your body and getting the bad stuff OUT.
That’s why I call it the plumber.

It completely supports the flow of nutrients into the body and flow of toxins out of the body:
  •   It can relieve bowel disorders (57)
  •  It can rid the body of bacterial pathogens and microbes (58) 
  •  It can restore healthy gut microbes after antibiotics (59) 
  •  It can relieve constipation AND diarrhea (60)
  •  It has strong antioxidant properties (61)
And much much more!
You'll never find another 
probiotic formula with All this
Not only is Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™ one of the most unique probiotic formulas on the market...

But it's also one, if not the, highest bacterial count probiotics on the market.

My formula has over 20 BILLION individual bacteria inside each dose.  

That's almost 3 times the world population of humans right now!

I found that for my patients to overcome their crippling health issues that they needed a diverse set of a bacteria, as I outline above, AND the maximum number of each bacteria that we can get into every capsule.
Say hello to your new friends - soothing probiotics
Most probiotic formulas today have between 5 and 10 billion bacteria, and they don't include the diversity that my formula has.

In my years of clinical experience I've found that those low quantities just don't cut it if you're trying to relieve:
  •  Low energy
  •  Weight gain
  •  Brain fog
  •  Digestive problems
  •  Food allergies
  •  Chronic sickness
  •  Skin irritation and eczema
  •  Even depression and anxiety
With Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™ you could even enjoy whole grains, pasta, gluten, and sugary treats knowing that your body will probably digest them much better!
I'm so confident you won't find another formula with All This, I'll give you $50 If you find it somewhere else...
That's right, if you find this formula anywhere else in the US, just email my assistant at a link to the ingredient profile, and we'll mail you $50.  

You don't have to buy my formula, just find someone else that offers this formula and you'll make $50.

No one has been able to do it yet, and that's because I truly believe this is the most unique and effective formula on the market today.
compare my formula to these leading brands, and then compare it to your brand
I searched all over the world 
for the best ingredients
As you know putting only the highest quality ingredients with the best bioavailability is critical for a probiotic.

Also, with probiotics with high survivability is also absolutely critical.  

Remember, probiotics are ALIVE.  

So to get the biggest benefit, your probiotic needs to actually survive stomach acid and the initial digestive process.

So I used special soft gel capsules that can help the probiotics survive the digestive process and deliver these amazing little probiotics right to the areas in your body that need it most.


Made In The USA

I found a Food and Drug Administration and National Sanitation Foundation certified lab in New Jersey to mix and bottle this formula.  

They adhere to the highest industry standards and only source the probiotics from certified US sources.

Certified Organic

Like you I'm very concerned about chemicals and GMOs in the process of creating our supplements.  

So I made sure only organically grown probiotics go into your new digestive supplement with no GMOs.
MOst formulas have Acidophilus 
and a maybe couple more probiotic strains
If you've taken probiotics in the past, it probably contained lactobacillus acidophilus.

It's probably the most common probiotic strain you find in other supplements.

And while it has plenty of benefits, its easily the cheapest probiotic to cultivate.

That's why most supplement makers include it, because they can make a low-price supplement for the masses.

But lactobacillus acidophilus does not do any of the things we really need a probiotic to do, like:
  •  Does NOT improve energy
  •  Does NOT help with brain fog and memory
  •  Does NOT improve food allergy symptoms
  •  Does NOT bolster the immune system
  •  Does NOT improve depression and anxiety 
That's why I believe you need this formula above all others to help with energy, weight gain, brain function, digestive function, and many other things we suffer from.

Now let me prove to you that THIS formula works...
Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™
 Case Studies
"I used to have CONSTANT bloating, heart burn, and reactions to food.  It was just getting worse and worse.  Plus  I was gaining weight, and hadn't changed my diet in years.  

My experience with Orthobiome has been fantastic.  I feel so much better, I've lost a few pounds, and I finally have the energy to keep up with my busy schedule.  I'm a huge fan!"
"It was getting to the point where I thought I wouldn't be able to eat anything.  First I couldn't eat gluten.  Then it was dairy.  Then it was oats.  Honestly I was afraid I'd just have to eat the most boring diet imaginable.

So I visited with Dr. Michele and she told me I likely had leaky gut.  She was the first doctor out of about 7 that even knew how to deal with this.  Many of them made it worse.

I was skeptical, but desperate, and starting taking Orthobiome.  In a couple of weeks I felt so much better. I could enjoy most of my favorite foods again.  And the best part is I lost about 15 pounds with this and some simple diet changes.  

I am a believer of Michele and Orthobiome and tell anyone that will listen about it.  Thank you."
"I was gaining weight so fast, I thought I'd be obese.  Plus I would have almost like a hangover from some meals.  My head would hurt and I would feel foggy after a big meal.

It was so strange because I had been around the same weight for almost 20 years.  Of course my doctor was no help.

Then I read about Dr. Michele and her post on antibiotics killing digestive tract really caught my attention.  I had probably taken 5 rounds of antibiotics within one year due to sinus infections.

I started taking Orthobiome and my weight gain stopped.  I had much better digestion, which was so bad for so long I just thought that was how it was when you get older.

Now I am steadily losing weight, and my mind feels so much clearer.  I'll update you as my progress continues, but I am very excited about this and have my husband taking it too!"
I believe in this formula so deeply 
I will remove all your risk 
I know you've probably seen other probiotics with plenty of lofty claims.

And if you've made this far, I'm willing to bet those probiotics have let you down.

Maybe they didn't live up to your expectations or just plain didn't work. 
I truly believe Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™ will work for you as it has for so many of my patients.

But in case it doesn't, you just don't like it, or for any reason whatsoever, I'm going to offer my Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™ or any reason whatsoever, at any time whatsoever, just let my customer service team know at and you'll get your money back.

No questions asked.  No return authorizations.  No hassles.  

You'll get 100% of you money back any time you wish.

That's how much I believe this will work for you...
plis I'll include this free healthy gut
guide with every order 
I want you to have the best possible chance for success with Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™.

So I wrote up this 42-page guide where I reveal 13 easy ways to: 
  •  Heal your gut and digestion naturally
  •  Shed pounds without crash diets and painful exercise
  •  Renew your energy levels without dangerous chemicals or drugs
  •  Heal your mind and mood naturally
  •  Rid yourself of awful digestive issues
  •  How cleaning up your gut can clean up your skin!
It's easy to read, easy to implement and could change your health forever. 

And it's FREE with your order of Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™.
you've probably seen this stuff peddled as 
a healthy way to heal your digestion...
But did you know that every single container, which is just 4 ounces of yogurt,
has a whopping 19 grams of sugar?!

If you drank 4 ounces of Coca Cola you'd only get 10 grams of sugar!  
That's right it has twice the sugar content per ounce as a Coke!

With everything we know about how bad sugar is for our bodies and our digestion, 
why in the world are doctors recommending this 'liquid candy' as a health food?
So Are You Ready To unleash the Power 
Of Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™?
Look, I know building new habits and trying new things is hard.

My patients tell me that they love the things they eat now, the supplements they take, their current habits.  

They talk about them like family members because some of these things have been in their life for decades.

I express to them to change our health, we must change our habits.  

And this is an easy habit to start.

Just take one dose per day of Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™ with your first meal.

And soon you can start:
  •  Feeling vibrant, all-day energy
  •  Shedding pounds, especially around the waist and hips
  •  Alleviating brain fog, poor concentration and those 'senior moments'
  •  Soothing your digestive system and have fewer digestive issues
  •  Having fewer food allergies and enjoy the food you love
  •  Bolstering your immune system and get sick less
  •  Clear up your skin so you look great
  •  Even have less depression and anxiety
Are you ready to revitalize your health?
you can even enjoy whole grains or take your favorite painkiller in the future -
as long as you keep taking orthobiome!
Now you have two choices...
Let me ask you a question...

Do you run with the crowd on most things, or do you like to forge your own path?

Are you willing to try new things?

If the answer is yes to those questions, then you're a great candidate for Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™.

I'm looking for people willing to say 'ENOUGH!' to the status quo and seek out new answers to age-old problems.

Is it time for a new path?
You could just stay on the same path, and expect different results.

But that's the definition of insanity, right?

Or you could try Orthobiome Complete Probiotic™ and begin to imagine the possibilities for you life...

Imagine your life without the excess weight. 

Would you exercise more? Play with your kids or grandkids more? Maybe finally grow the ultimate garden? Work on your golf game?

Imagine your life without anxiety and depression. 

What if you could just worry about tomorrow.... tomorrow? What if you could simply put all that energy you used to put toward worry and doubt toward positivity and gratitude?

Imagine your life without digestive problems. 

Would you enjoy your favorite foods more?  Would you feel better about eating out?  Would you enjoy the holidays more?

Imagine your life with a clear, focused mind.

Would your memory be better? Would you perform better at work? Would you have fewer 'senior moments'?

Imagine finally having the lustrous, gorgeous skin you had before!
It's time to try something new...

It's not your fault you were lied to and misinformed about a healthy diet and common medications, but who's will be to blame if you refuse to take action now?

With my lifetime money back guarantee there is no risk you, simply click the button below to get started.

But please don't wait, we have limited quantities of our formula and we often sell out of inventory.

Thanks for reading.

I wish you great health and a long life...
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