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Breakthrough 'Zulu Warrior' Testosterone Pill Proven to Turn On The ‘Man Switch’, Now Available To Select Areas In the US
Approved by doctors nationwide, this astonishing ingredient has been proven to increase testosterone levels, restore manhood and stop 'male menopause' for many patients
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by Chris Peterson, Special Health Investigator

Men nationwide are rejoicing after a recent testosterone breakthrough is finally being made available to the public in the US.

This 'miracle ingredient' has been used safely by men in Africa for over 100 years, and the active ingredient can boost testosterone levels, sexual potency, build new muscle mass, increase energy, and even improve mental clarity.  

African men have called it the 'Zulu Warrior' ingredient, because of it's ability to restore a man's zeal and lust for life.

The pills also cost significantly less than more dangerous testosterone replacement therapies.

A specially formulated pill is now being offered on a trial basis the United States under the brand name Provitazol™.

Patients are clamoring for this incredible pill because it can restore many aspects of their ‘manhood’ and make many feel young again.

The active ingredient comes from a natural source that has been proven to help restore testosterone levels. There have been no major side effects in the recorded history of this ingredient.

“I am noticing some very positive changes. I'm a nearly 70-year-old male. My libido has been tailing off for years, and I've tried a number of products, the blue pill, which I don't like how it feels in my body, to a bunch of herbal concoctions. Some have had a short-term effect, some have done nothing. I've included this Provitazol™ in my daily regimen. Three weeks in with this pill and my libido has woken up. My wife is pleased and so am I. I've noticed no negative side effects to using Provitazol™” says Rick Pistone of Missouri.

Male Patients Astonished By Their Results
Provitazol™ contains an incredible ingredient with the proven ability to build muscle, improve sexual potency, and help patients’ energy levels.

This ingredient is not a drug and has been used for decades for medical purposes and athletic performance. Until now, this amazing ingredient has not been available to the public in the US.

Patient studies have reported no adverse side effects. Many testosterone replacement therapies have been linked to blood clots, strokes, enlarged prostate, hair loss and poor sleep.

Many patients report that they now enjoy more intimate time, exercise, and a renewed lust for life in general thanks to Provitazol™.

“I've been taking it for little over a week now. The first couple days didn't really notice much, but day three I felt a new type of vitality. 7 days later I can honestly say it works!... and consistently too! It just feels like this flipped on the man switch in my body,”  John Kilgore of Texas reports.

No wonder sales for Provitazol™ have skyrocketed in the last few weeks and the company can barely keep up with orders.
Provitazol™ patients report increased strength, 
muscle mass, energy, and sexual abilities.
Studies Show Incredible Improvement 
in Testosterone Levels
Several different studies have proven the effectiveness of this life-changing ingredient in recent years.

In one study of 76 men, before treatment with this incredible ingredient only 10.5% of the patients had normal testosterone levels for their age. After just one month of treatment, 90.8% of the men had normal testosterone levels. That is almost a 9-fold increase in just one month.

In this same study, 89.4% of the patients scored high on what scientists call Aging Males’ Symptoms (AMS) test. AMS is a scientific scale that measures men’s symptoms related to depressive moods, decreased sexual abilities, decreased energy levels, decreased strength, and 13 other symptoms association with aging men.

After the one-month treatment period with the ingredient in this pill, only 28.1% of the men scored highly on the AMS scale. That means that 61% of the men in the study saw massive improvements in sex drive, strength, energy, and mood.

Another study showed a 27% increase in bench press strength, and a 6% increase in bicep size after just 5 weeks and 20 workouts.

It should come as no surprise then that the makers of Provitazol™ can hardly keep it on shelves.
How This Breakthrough Ingredient Works
Research shows that testosterone levels naturally decline as men age. This often leads to decreased energy, sexual appetite, and a feeling of the loss of one’s ‘manhood’.

Doctors call this andropause, or the male equivalent of menopause.
The ingredient that can reverse the process is called Eurycoma Longifolia, or EL.

“We finally now understand how EL works. According to a study released in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers believe that EL uses amino acids that are known to improve energy and sex drive,” says Dr. Ralph LaGuardia of the Mansfield Center in Connecticut.
Provitazol™ helps to release the body's natural testosterone.
“These researchers believe the amino acids increase the release rate of ‘free’ testosterone in men. Basically, this incredible little molecule unlocks natural testosterone that is already in your body, but has been made unavailable due to the natural aging process.”

“This is a serious breakthrough for aging men and young men alike, because we know injecting testosterone has many dangerous side effects. Unlocking the body’s natural testosterone appears to have no dangerous side effects,” Dr. La Guardia adds.

Dr. La Guardia has been recommending Provitazol™ to his patients and has seen incredible results time and time again.
How to Get Provitazol™
This is the official release of Provitazol™ in the US. So the company is offering a special discount supply to any person who orders within the next 24 hours.

A website has been set up for readers to visit. This gives everyone an equal chance to try Provitazol™.

Starting at 7:00am today the website will be open for 24 hours. 

Important: Due to Provitazol’s recent media exposure on ABC, CBS and FOX NEWS, the website is often down. 

If you go there and do not immediately get through, please be patient and try again. 

Those who miss the 24-hour special discount must pay more for Provitazol™, and may have to wait for more to be produced.
From The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine:

 New Study Shows This Breakthrough Pill Produces Massive Improvement In Sexual Performance

A recent study has proven the effectiveness of this life-changing ingredient.

In this randomize, double-blind trial, 30 healthy heterosexual men were either given a placebo or the active ingredient in Provitazol™.

The subjects took the recommended dose once daily for 12 weeks, and then were interviewed extensively.

This group given this breakthrough ingredient showed significant improvement in erections, length of sexual encounters, and overall satisfaction with sex. 

The placebo group showed no significant improvement.

Testosterone levels in the active group that received this ingredient rose an average of 11%. 

Active group members also saw a 24.7% decrease in the Aging Men's Symptoms scale.  This scale measures symptoms commonly associated with aging men, such as decreased strength, energy, muscle mass, and sexual desire.  

These symptoms have also been called 'male menopause', and this wonder pill had a massive positive effect on it.  

This study shows the power of this incredible new ingredient, which can be found in Provitazol™.

Alert: High Estrogen Levels and Low Testosterone Levels Are Killing Men

Journal of American Medical Association, Chicago, IL

A recent study has linked high estrogen levels in men with increased mortality rates due to chronic heart failure.

While estrogen is commonly thought of as the female hormone, men produce it naturally at low levels.

But when the ratio of estrogen and testosterone are out of balance, men were 317% more likely to die during the 3-year study.

In another study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 3014 men aged 69-80 years had their testosterone and estrogen levels measured over a period of 4.5 years.

Men with low testosterone levels were almost twice as likely to die (a 96% increase in mortality) compared to men in optimal ranges. 

The science is clear: men with low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels have far greater health risks than those that do not.

That's why more and more doctors are urging men to increase testosterone levels naturally and safely.

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Marlin Watson (Marlo)
I have never tried a dietary supplement before this, and was initially a little skeptical.  I feel a substantial energy boost. I'm going to keep taking it.  I think it's working, I feel things 'heat up' down below too.  
Like   Reply    4 minutes ago
jacob armisen
After using this product for about a week now I can say that I feel much more energized at the end of the day. I start work fairly early in the morning so I usually crash in the afternoon. This supplement helps me not crash and be at my best during the day.  I throw knives and axes in competition and I notice it helps me focus too, I take a couple before evry comp.
Like   Reply    17 minutes ago
Charles Shively
Great supplement for boosting testosterone, lab tests show its up about 40 points.  Nothing else did that and I tried everything.  And I mean everything.  Thumbs up.
Like   Reply    54 minutes ago
Billy Boy X
I love this, my libido has gone up and I feel great.
Like   Reply    1 hour ago
David O'Dwyer
Ok. I absolutely did not believe all the positive reviews, but I ordered it anyway, and it sat around a few weeks because I was afraid to take it. Been burned before lol. This stuff is amazing. I felt it after about the 5th day, and after that it kept getting better.  I got a energy jolt,,, and feel like my brain works a little better too.  Wife not complaining either ha ha.  Good stuff.
Like   Reply    2 hours ago
Tony W Hancock
I started using provitazol about 2 months ago and I noticed great results right away, now I take a pills everyday,, much better stamina and workouts are really great,,,, guy at my gym measured body fat and it went down about 6% highly recomend!
Like   Reply    2 hours ago
Daniel Watts
This particular supplement is one of my favorite to take before working out. I'd recommend it over other herbal energy/libido supplements. That's just me though.
Like   Reply    4 hours ago
Jacob Peterson
Damn!  It works!
Like   Reply    5 hours ago
Markus Maximus
I did my research on this before buying, it definitely works. Make sure you follow the instructions and Workout!! You start unlocking your inner beast mode.
Like   Reply    7 hours ago
Margaret Trujillo
my hubsdand takes this and I'm glad he does ;))))))))))
Like   Reply    9 hours ago
Terry Franz
Late 50's here with clinically-verified very low testosterone, and in desperate need of a solution that works. Been taking this on an EMPTY stomach. Like others have stated, this particular supplement needs a while to get going, so don't be disappointed if you don't see any immediate effect. After two weeks, I have noticed an increase in libido, and I do see a definite increase in muscle strength -- and the characteristic "aggression" associated with an increase in T. I have effectively been able to DOUBLE my reps without fatigue, and am starting to bulk up slightly, all without the need to increase lifting weight. I'm impressed. Objective is just to maintain bone strength and muscle tone. Not trying to get all 'pumped' looking. Could not achieve this with anything else at my age.
Like   Reply    10 hours ago

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