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Finally help for restoring collagen in skin and joints, smoothing skin and strengthen hair and nails.
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American Super Collagen + Biotin 
Includes 11g of  Hydrolized Collagen Type I, II & III, Biotin, Vitamin C, Bamboo Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid For Maximum Benefits. 10g protein per serving.
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Highest Bioavailability
Our formulation process ensures that our collagen and biotin stays in your body and is not excreted.  
Doctor Formulated
Dr. Michele Burklund formulated this collagen and biotin mixture for her patients and now - you!
We include only natural, non-GMO ingredients and include Type I, II and III hydrolyzed collagen for maximum benefits
Formulated by Dr. Michele Burklund
"My clinic is focused on getting to the root cause of my patients issues, instead of treating symptoms.  

I created this formula when I realized two things:

1. My patients were struggling with signs of aging, leaky gut, and joint discomfort.

2. A natural, complete collagen + biotin formula could help relieve all these issues.

That's why I created American Super Collagen with the help of the Healthy Living Association.

I've had tremendous results with my patients with this formula and I hope you'll try it for yourself."

- Dr. Michele Burklund
Dr. Michele Burklund, ND, outside her California natural health clinic
Here's What Collagen Can Do For You
Helps Restore Youthful Skin
Collagen is the most common protein in the body.  

It does everything from keeping your skin smooth and lustrous to helping your joints move smoothly.

But as we age, this collagen breaks down and causes your skin to become loose and wrinkly.

By replacing the collagen in your body, studies show you can restore that youthful skin.(1)(2)
Great For Hair and Nails
Many of our clients report that their hair and skin look better than they have in years.

Science backs this up. 

Your hair and skin are primarily made up of collagen, and restoring this protein in your body can bring back lustrous hair and strong, healthy nails.

One study showed that women taking the active ingredient in our collagen experienced 42% less nail breakage.(3)
Even Supports Healthy Weight Loss
Because collagen is a protein, adding it to your coffee or morning beverage can help you feel fuller for longer.

It can also help retain lean muscle mass and supports a healthy digestive tract, which has been shown to aid in weight loss.(4)

There's also evidence that it can help reduce cellulite around the hips and thighs(5)
Supports Healthy Joints 
Cartilage is a firm, rubbery material that covers the end of bones in joints. 

Over time, cartilage wear off due to aging and repeated movement. As a result, tendons and ligaments stretch, and bones rub against each other, causing pain. 

Collagen provides support for the growth and repair of cartilage tissue, as well as relieves joint discomfort. (6)

Boost collagen intake for your body, so you can sustain an active lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals.
Supports A Healthy Gut Too!
Women and men are seeing a massive rise in food sensitivities, brain fog, excessive fatigue, digestive issues and achy joints.

And research is showing more and more that the culprit is leaky gut. As our grain-rich diet breaks down the intestinal wall and lets toxins and bacteria enter the blood stream, its critical to rebuild that wall.  

Collagen peptides are on of the most-recommended remedy to rebuild the intestinal wall and relieve LEAKY GUT.

Collagen can restore healthy digestion, ease food allergies, and reduce overall symptoms of poor digestion!(9)
Most Collagen Mixes Don't Have All This And Zero Carbs
Bovine, piscine, fowl and eggshell collagen: our mix includes 11,000 mg of Type I, II and III hydrolyzed collagen in every scoop for maximum effect on your body. Most other collagen blends only include bovine collagen, or Type I collagen. 

Biotin for healthy and strong skin, hair and nails. Plus it supports thyroid and adrenal function, protects brain function and fights cognitive decline. (8)

Bamboo Extract, which is a great way to nourish your hair, nails, skin and organs that depend on silica to be healthy. Silica is one of the primary minerals in collagen, so when you supplement it in your diet your body makes more collagen. (5)
Vitamin C helps your body process collagen correctly. When taken orally along with collagen it activates the body's own mechanisms for producing collagen, making your collagen supplement 2-3x more effective.(3)

 Hyaluronic Acid is necessary to bind collagen with the elastin in your body. In a double-blind, 4 week study, individuals who added hyaluronic acid and collagen to their diet showed significant reductions in skin dryness, wrinkles, and improvements in skin moisture and fullness. (7)
Plus We Offer The ONLY Lifetime Guarantee In The Industry
Most collagen manufacturers and marketers offer you a measly 30 or 60 day guarantee.

NEWSFLASH - that's often not enough time to really see the full benefits of collagen.

You should get relief quickly from American Super Collagen, but it will take weeks to feel the full effects.

That's why we offer the best return and refund policy in the industry. 

If it ANY time you're not satisfied with your product, we'll refund 100% of your investment.

Even if you've used all your product.

How's that for a risk-free proposition?

That's how confident we are you'll LOVE American Super Collagen.
Love it!
"I have been using my American Natural Super Collagen for a month and a half and I really like it and I have noticed that I am losing weight from using the product.

I have felt a little better with my joints moving better too and a little more energy to do things too."

Debra Farley
Customer Reviews
Customer: Maryanne P
Great Supplement
I underwent hip surgery within the past year. I had been recovering well, but had a setback and increased pain before Thanksgiving. I did some research and found that collagen helps with soft tissues and joints. I searched for a naturally sourced one that wouldn't be heavily flavored. This one was perfect. First of all, it has no flavor whatsoever. I do not have have to make a fancy overly calorie packed drink just to get it down. I simply put it in my coffee or tea and I can't tell it is even in there. The powder is also a great source of protein which is an excellent bonus to add in my daily intake. After a little over two weeks of use I found that my pain was diminishing. I know that full benefits will not be reached for a longer time period, but I was thrilled with my early results. 
Customer: Ted Wolf
Very Pleased
Loving it. It was recommended by my chiropractor. I'm drinking it in my morning coffee. No TASTE
Customer: Christy Hernandez
It really works!
I have been using this product for exactly a year and it has helped me a lot with the pain in my wrist. According to my doctor, I needed surgery and I refused. I wanted another alternative. After doing extensive research, I found this product which reduced stiffness  in my wrist and I no longer have pain.
Customer: Mary Bates
This is an awesome product to mix in your coffee of cold drinks. It dissolves great!
ever since I've been using this product I've seen where my skin and hair and nails have all improved! My hair does not fall out anymore. I used to have hair in the shower after each shower. Not anymore, and now I cannot keep my finger nails cut fast enough! Oh, and my skin has truly improved as far as having the wrinkles in my arms like they use to have. Only complaint is that I had one jar that was partially opened when I got it, but company replaced it.
Customer: Marcia Rodriguez
amazing, skin is tighter already
I could see a difference in just two weeks. My skin is tighter on my face, less wrinkles. My hands don't look so old lady-ish anymore either. Purchasing my second batch.
Customer: Jennifer Anderson
Good stuff
This is a great product. I am hoping it will help with many things...wrinkles being towards the top of the list!
Customer: Mark Bonhorst
can already see and feel a difference in my skin and joints, no taste and doesnt cause tummy upset, recommended product
Customer: Ali Weisman
just try it
thought this was a great price and happy wiht the results so far
Customer: Mia Ramos
This is the cure to my cracked skin
After many MANY years of Dermatolgist appointments and literally thousands of dollars spent on medicated hand creams (steroid creams cost $200 per tiny little tube) I finally found the cure! American Super Collagen powder is it! I can't believe it took me so long to find the cure to my dry cracked and very painful hand skin problem. I am so happy and am loving the results. And to think that all it takes is one scoop in my coffee every morning (and you seriously don't even know it's there.. no taste, no gritty bits, nothing) THANK YOU - you have made me very happy.. and my husband and kids too as they don't have to listen to me cry over the pain of cracked skin. You truly are a lifesaver.
Customer: Happy Camper
I just ordered my 4th container... I've been using this for 4 months & I love it. I normally get egzema flairs in the winter, I haven't yet. My skin looks great, my husband even said the other day "I'm not sure what your doing but your skin looks great" and the main reason I'm sticking with using it is it is the only product so far that I've tried that keeps me regular.. I know TMI... This prouduct it great :)
Customer: Tami Manley
I'm 55 and I've finished my first container. I do believe my skin is smoother, especially my legs and arms. So, I decided to subscribe and start getting a monthly supply. There is no taste anod I add 1 scoop to my coffee. I'll continue to monitor my results.
Customer: Nana J
Fine product
I am using this product to improve the collagen of my aging skin & to help in keeping my joints moving. I like that this product dissolves thoroughly in liquids. I do suggest to the company that they put a longer handle on the scoop as even though I have a small hand it is very difficult to pick up the powder with the scoop, when the container is about 1/2 full, since the scoop has such a short handle. I know a scoop with a longer handle is available, because I have used one with another product.
Customer: Henrietta Oskey
Fast results
I'm 59 and first time trying this. I went by reviews and choose american collagen so glad I did. Had surgery almost 2 years ago and my hair had been falling out every since also my skin has gotten so thin a little bump and I was bruised for 2 to 3 weeks so needless to say I was never without a bruise. One scoop in my coffee every morning and I was seeing results the first week. My hair has stopped falling out and skin doesn't bruise nearly as much I also use lotions with collagen building ingredients. Couldn't be happier. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
*Results May Not Be Typical, Consult Your Doctor
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50% Off Two One-Month Supplies of 
American Super Collagen + Biotin 
Includes Collagen Type I & III, Biotin, Vitamin C, Bamboo Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid For Maximum Benefits
Always FREE Shipping & Handling
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