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Are you struggling to lose body fat?

Looking for a way to STOP those unwanted pounds from piling up?

Tired of buying bigger clothes…

Ducking out of photos...

And wearing so many layers that no one can make out your size or shape?

Well, you’ve probably heard that eating more protein can help with weight loss, right?

That's because PROTEIN can...
  • Shut down your “hunger hormones”,(1)
  • Feed your fat-melting muscle tissue,(2)
  • Make you naturally eat less without starving yourself,(3)
  • Transform you into a speedy 24/7 fat-burning machine.(4) 
It’s also why eating LOTS of protein is such a big part of diets like Whole30...Atkins...Weight Watchers…Intermittent Fasting...

And of course, the ketogenic diet.

Problem is, most people don’t know about the hidden “dark side” of protein.

They’re often stunned to discover that...
Eating the wrong type of protein can CRIPPLE
your natural body’s fat burning power.
In fact, it’s the little-known reason why so many people struggle to see results — no matter what plan they’re on.
They’re unable to drop a pound. Or lose an inch.

No matter how much extra sweat or starvation they suffer through...

And despite eating MORE protein...

All because of the specific type of protein they’re eating.
And while many blame themselves for not having enough “willpower” to shed those unwanted pounds...

The truth is that eating too much of the wrong type of protein creates fat burning “engine sludge”...

Slowing the body’s metabolism down to a crawl.

Let me explain…
The TRUTH About Animal Protein
Animal Protein May Be Making You Gain Weight
Most protein you see in the store or on the shelf comes from one place:


Animal protein is what humans evolved on…

But as we both know, animal protein isn’t what it used to be.

While our parents and grandparents could feast on store-bought steak and eggs without a care in the world…

We’re not so lucky.

That’s because animal protein today is:
  • Pumped full of hormones and antibiotics,
  •  Loaded with toxic, fat-adding nutrients,
  •  Riddled with deadly nitrites,
  •  And stuffed with more sugar than a pack of Skittles.
The worst part?

Most animal proteins send levels of ONE hormone through the roof…which can prove downright lethal for weight loss.
Having High Levels of THIS One Hormone
Creates Fat Burning "Engine Sludge"
This one hormone can actually put your body’s fat burning engine in reverse...

Acting like metabolic “engine sludge”... making it much HARDER for your body to burn fat.

High levels of this one hormone also kick you out of “ketosis”...

Making it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone on the keto diet to get enough protein .

What's the name of this fat-adding hormone, you ask?

I’m talking about the hormone known as insulin.
High Levels of This Hormone Shut Down Fat Burning Completely
Insulin is like your body’s master fat-burning switch…(5)

When insulin is HIGH, trying to burn fat is like trying to start a fire with nothing but a few measly twigs. 

There’s nothing to "feed the flame".

Picture trying to rev your car’s engine before you’ve actually turned it ON…

That’s what it feels like to try and lose weight when your insulin is sky high.

But once you’re able to FIX insulin and get it low

Something strange happens...

All your body’s other fat burning hormones naturally “fall into place”…

Just like the way a lock slides into place as you insert the key…

These important hormones get REBALANCED.

So things finally start working the way they’re supposed to.

See what it did for Marylinn, Debbie, Mike, and Michele:

Marylinn Noel from Austin lost 18 pounds...

"I want to tell you how much I like your All Natural Superfood. Usually I enjoy it in various types of berry smoothies; it is what I have for breakfast nearly every day. 

Sometimes, when I want something different, I will put a scoop in my oatmeal in place of a sugar substitute.  

Down 18 pounds so far!!"

Debbie Buckingham dropped 15 pounds in 4 weeks...

"I enjoy my American Natural Superfood every morning just as it comes mixed with 16 oz. of water and shaken in the shaker you provided.  It is the best tasting powdered drink I have ever had. The vanilla flavor and the stevia sweetener makes for one heck of a good meal.  
 It controls my hunger AND I have a great meal that is ready fast. Lost 15 pounds in about 4 weeks!"

Mike Bird slashed insulin and watched the pounds literally melt away...

"I'm so glad to have this superfood.  I love the taste and use it as a healthy dessert for that sweet tooth.  I've steadily lost weight after replacing my bagel and cereal breakfast with this.

Other mixes all made me feel sick and run down.  This superfood mix is the opposite.  I feel good energy, and it gives my immune system a big boost. I'll order more soon, thanks again."

...and Michele Clow lost a whopping 27 Pounds!

"I'm home alone while my son serves overseas.  

So it's hard for me to cook for myself all the time.  With this I have a healthy meal in about a minute, and it gives me the energy to exercise!  Lost 27 pounds in 6 weeks!

Thanks so much for making this!  Please don't change a thing!"
These folks were left feeling heavier and more frustrated than ever after their latest attempts to lose body fat...

And despite eating MORE protein than ever before.

But thanks to the fat burning, "keto-friendly" superfood you're about to discover...

Marilynn, Mike, Debbie, Michele, and millions more Americans have been able to overcome their weight loss struggles...

Rebalance their hormones...

And transform themselves into 24/7 fat burning machines.

So now the question is…

How can you eat enough protein without sending insulin through the roof?

The answer is by fixing the problem at the source.
The Right Plant-Based Protein Can Slash Insulin, Rebalance Hormones, And Supercharge Fat Burning
The Right Plant-Based Protein Can Help You
Melt Off Stubborn Belly Fat
See, by consuming the right type of protein that’s...
  • Plant-Based
  • Certified Organic
  • GMO Free
  •  Hormone Free
  •  Antibiotic Free
  •  Toxin Free can avoid all the nasty side effects of unhealthy animal protein.
    That's because a good plant-based, hormone-free protein
    doesn't spike insulin.
    Meaning you’ll be able to slash insulin...rebalance your hormones…AND supercharge fat burning…

    Just by switching to a good plant-based, hormone-free protein powder.


    That’s not the only thing to look for in a great protein powder…
    Taking Protein Without Probiotics is Kinda Like Flushing Money
    Down the Toilet...Only Worse For Your Waistline! 
    Fact is, if you’re already taking a protein powder…

    Or you’re thinking about using one…

    (which you should it’s the ONLY way to get enough protein to speed up fat burning)’re gonna want to pay close attention to this:

    Protein can be very hard to absorb on its own…

    Meaning that if you’re eating a large serving of protein... say 15 grams to 25 grams...and without probiotics
    You’re excreting most of that protein
    without even realizing it.
    What Happens When You Take Protein Without Probiotics In It
    That basically means it’s going “in one end and out the other”...

    Without your body receiving any of protein’s proven benefits...

    And meaning you might as well flush your hard-earned money right down the toilet.

    Because that’s exactly what’s happening.
    Again...if you’ve ever tried eating MORE protein...only to find yourself gaining weight instead of losing it

    Then you’ve already experienced this for yourself.

    And you know what they say...

    If you want something done RIGHT, you gotta do it yourself.

    That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to...
    Introducing: American Natural Superfood™
    The Only "Keto-Friendly" Plant-Based Protein That
    Slashes Insulin and SUPERCHARGES Fat Burn
    • 100% Vegan
    •  20g of protein per serving 
    •  No GMOs 
    •  No Sugar
    •  Gluten-Free
    • Nut-Free
    •  Dairy-Free
    •  Soy-Free
    •  Certified Organic
    •  No Hormones

    Since it’s made from organic pea and brown rice protein...
    ...American Natural Superfood™ is the ONLY "keto-friendly" 
    protein that doesn't spike insulin.
    So now you can take in tons of fat-burning protein each day without sending your insulin through the roof.

    Or getting kicked out of “ketosis”.

    Here’s one of our customers reporting back American Natural Superfood™'s effects:
    In fact, pea protein was recently recognized as the BEST plant-based protein source for those on keto and paleo diets. (6)

    American Natural Superfood™ will help you…

    American Natural Superfood™ Can Help You
    Achieve The Body Of Your Dreams
    • Keep your insulin low and avoid fat burning “engine sludge” (so you can keep your metabolism humming along 24/7)
    • Reap all of protein’s rewards without being kicked out of “ketosis” (body fat will start to melt right off you...even from stubborn areas like your hips, thighs, and belly)
    • Shed body fat and shrink your waistline (so you can look and feel the way you’ve always dreamed of)
    • Feed your fat-burning lean muscle tissue (so you can develop a more shapely body)
    • Kiss starvation diets and calorie counting goodbye (plus make anyone on Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig green with envy)
    • Dine out with friends whenever you want (and still maintain your new lean and toned figure with ease)
    Enjoy A Silky Smooth, Healthy Meal Replacement 
    In Just 23 Seconds...
    Most other protein powders are chalky and don’t mix well…

    But not American Natural Superfood™.  It’s a silky smooth powder that blends into a shake quickly and easily.  You can mix it with water in just 23 seconds. 

    So with American Natural Superfood on your’ll never have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals. 

    Because now you can have a fat-melting meal replacement in just 23 seconds.

    And American Natural Superfood™ isn’t just a protein powder either…
    Get The Power Of Our Protein N' Greens Superfood
    Without The Yucky Taste You're Used To...
    Get All The Health Benefits Of A Greens Mix
    Without The Bad Taste
    It’s actually a Protein N' Greens Superfood.

    That’s what makes it the ultimate fat-burning weight loss supplement.

    But if you’ve ever tried a greens mix, then you’re familiar with that yucky greens taste…

    It’s AWFUL.

    And it's the reason why most people can't stand to take a greens powder in the first place.
    But not American Natural Superfood™.

    It’s naturally sweetened with Stevia. So there’s no disgusting greens taste.
    And you won’t find any sugar or nasty artificial sweeteners in it, either.

    Instead, it's got a subtle vanilla taste designed to mix perfectly with anything.

    In a shake... with fruits or veggies... or even all on its own.  No matter how you take it, you’re sure to love it. 

    Finally, a superfood made for adult taste buds.
    Incinerate Up To 208% More Fat With Our
    Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend™
    American Natural Superfood™ also includes something special you simply won’t find in any other protein on the market.

    Something that can help accelerate your health weight loss even MORE!

    What is this “mystery ingredient”?

    Our Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend™.
    That’s because scientists are now discovering the amazing impact probiotics have on weight loss.

    A recent double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial conducted over 6 months ...

    (the GOLD STANDARD for scientific research) 

    ...found that women who received a probiotic lost 208% more weight than the control group.(7)
    Studies Show That Probiotics Can Help You Lose
    Up To 208% More Weight And Keep It Off 
    The best part?

    These women were only dieting for the first 12 weeks!

    The following 12 weeks they were instructed to simply MAINTAIN their weight.

    Meaning that the probiotics allowed them to lose more weight than the control group... AND keep it off... without any more dieting!
    Plus Get These 8 "Bonus" Ingredients To Boost Your Health
    and Weight Loss Even More:
    You Deserve a True and Honest Superfood That WORKS

    We Use the Highest Bioavailability Ingredients 

    Most supplements on the shelf at your local store are made with low-quality ingredients. That means they pass right through without ever being absorbed by your body.

    We’ve tested every ingredient in American Natural Superfood™ for bioavailability to make sure your body fully absorbs each serving the way it’s supposed to.

    Certified Organic and Non-GMO

    Most plant-based proteins come from GMO crops and factory-made substances. Not ours.

    We only use Certified USDA Organic Pea Protein and non-GMO ingredients. So you can be sure you’re getting the full benefits of American Natural Superfood™.

    100% FREE From Allergens, Hormones, and Antibiotics

    We’re proud to provide you with a weight loss superfood that is 100% FREE from all allergens, hormones, and antibiotics.

    Rest assured, a serving of American Natural Superfood™ will be easier on your system than a glass of water.

    We Make it Right Here in the USA

    We’ve sourced all of these high-quality ingredients locally from right here in the US, so we can keep a close eye and ensure you get what you pay for.

    Now you can supercharge your keto weight loss with an all-natural superfood made in the USA.

    What Our Customers Are Saying:
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    Now There Are Only 2 Paths You Can Choose Today…
    Which Path Will You Choose Today?
    The first path you’re all too familiar with…

    The road is filled with speedbumps. And you’re stuck trying to figure out everything on your own. You might eventually figure out how to shed those unwanted pounds…

    ...But at the same time, you might not.

    If you choose this path, things are only going to get HARDER as the days, months and years go by:
    • Your insulin will stay dangerously high…
    • You’ll suffer from continued weight gain... 
    • Lack of energy...
    • And premature aging...
    Leading you to feel sad, depressed, and not “in control” of your own life.

    You’ll get tired of buying bigger clothes…

    Being terrified to go to the gym or be seen in a swimsuit…

    Not having the courage to go out on a date…

    Or wear the clothes you really want to wear.

    Soon enough, you may give up on losing weight completely.

    Now let’s be clear: This is NOT the life you deserve.

    But only YOU have the power to choose a better one…

    A life where body fat seems to just melt right off you…

    Without starvation or yucky diet pills.

    A life where you eat ONLY when you’re hungry…

    And where late-night cravings are thing of the past...

    Without starving yourself or relying on “willpower”.

    A life where you’ve transformed yourself into a 24/7 fat burning MACHINE.
    Here’s what following the American Natural Superfood Meal Plan™
     for just 30 days could do for you:
    Your face will lose its puffiness…

    Your waistline will feel tighter and your pants will fit better…

    You won’t find yourself daydreaming about food…

    Or fantasizing about “cheat days”...

    Your family and friends will comment on how great you look…

    And ask you how you did it.

    Your relationships will begin to thrive…

    You’ll finally feel comfortable your own skin.

    And with your body back under your control…

    You’ll finally be yourself again.

    Because you’ll look and feel like a million bucks.

    And have the joy and happiness that you truly deserve.

    So, which path sounds like the smart choice?

    There’s only one: The American Natural Superfood™ Path.

    Scroll down below and claim your 100% FREE sample now…

    All we ask in return is that you cover a small shipping and handling fee.

    We’ll be waiting for you on the other side. And we’ll be there to support you every step of the way along your journey.
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    Why People Love 
    American Natural Superfood:
    • 20 grams of "keto-friendly" protein in every serving
    • 100% FREE from hormones, antibiotics, gluten, and allergens
    • Now includes our Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend™
    • Made right here in the U.S.A
    • Delicious, slightly sweet vanilla flavor with no sugar
    • Perfect for busy mornings, lunch on the go, or even a delicious and satisfying dessert
    • Blast away fat, stop hunger in its tracks, and get vibrant energy with one shake!
    Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed, Just Email to get your money back any time, no need to return your items

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